Secondary Battery & Renewable Energy

LCM Energy Solution Inc.


Division upstream midstream downstream
Battery LCM battery pack Purchase of lithium polymer cell / Participation in Naju Electric Vehicle Recycling Center Battery pack exclusive logistics / Battery pack export packaging (DOD less than 30%) Solar street light installation and sales / Independent solar system installation and sales / ESS / Portable ESS
Regenerative battery pack
Li-ion cell manufacturing Development of new materials (anode material, anode material) Stabilization of 3 line (900MW) construction Enhancement of battery pack diversity
Solar street light all-in-one Battery / Controler / Light pole Establishment of a subsidiary specialized in installation and logistics (requires electric construction license) Excellent procurement registration / New product (NEP) registration / Large construction company (expected to increase duty ratio by 30%)
Waterfront Park / Riverside / Beach / Dam / Reservoir / Southeast Asia / Export to Middle East
ESS type Electric vehicle regeneration battery pack / Controler / Light pole
built-in light pole type Battery / Controler / Light pole
Standalone solar power Battery Pack
DIY shopping mall opened (
YouTube education channel opened (
Online distribution reinforcement / procurement registration / military payment promotion / island wallpaper / mountainous area / remote area DC / platform construction
Solar power Battery Pack
Structure Facility
Domestic and export of power plants (more than 1GW) from household (3Kw)