FDA Technology

Why are we different?

All of the products of LCM SCIENCE is a joint research product of the U.S. FDA Institute of International Science, the National Pharmacology University, and the Oriental Medicine University, so they have been proven to be stable and effective.


Stem cell technology

Botanical Callus culture


FDA (Food and Drug Administration) Accreditation marks given by the U.S. Department of Health and Welfare

This is usually the certification mark given when 10 to 15 component stability tests have passed.


GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) Mark recognized by the Food and Drug Administration

The product shall contain more than a certain amount of functional ingredients certified by the Food and Drug Administration for its special function, and no hazardous substances shall exceed the standard. The GMP mark is a certification mark that is granted only after 100-150 sections of inspection have passed through a very rigorous screening process, ranging from plant cultivation to production, distribution and consumers.


SGS (Societe Generale De Surveillance) Marks given by globally trusted companies

Based on experts in various fields, including food, this is the certification mark given by a globally reliable company that provides verification, inspection, testing, and certification services for product suitability if harmful substances such as macro heavy metals are not detected and are made of harmless ingredients.

Patent rights acquired in Korea Patent Registration No.10-1000351

A medicinal composition for prevention and treatment of influenza virus infection diseases that contain high ginseng extract, high ginseng fraction, terrocaphanometer and flavonoid compounds separated from it, or its pharmacologically acceptable salts as effective.

The U.S. FDA International Scientific Research Institute, the National Pharmacological University, and the Oriental Medical College were created in collaboration with each other.

All LCM SCIENCE products are validated with FDA, GMP, and SGS marks.