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Company Overview

LCM SCIENCE completed joint development of innovative functional cosmetics, health function foods, and medical products with the U.S.FDA International Institute of Science (Korea Branch Director Lee Byung-heung), a graduate of Chung-Ang University School of Pharmacy, and Dr. Yang Joon-seok, a Korean oriental medicine professor, and approved the U.S.FDA.We are planning to produce and sell products that have completed registration, and to jointly invest with the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs/Jeollabukdo/Iksan City to establish a large factory with an annual floor space of 20,000 pyeong on a 7,412 pyeong land in a national food cluster to produce and sell 17 foods to promote traditional markets and trade rights.

It is a company that produces 57 products including cosmetics and functional food, and plans to stand as a global market company with a goal of 1 trillion won in sales (five-year plan).

Corporate philosophy

the creation of beauty and health for mankind


For beauty and health of customers and a global provider of Total Care
Global Total Care Company for Customer's Beauty and Health.


“Go Farther, Go Further"

overview LCM SCIENCE
Date of establishment
A major undertaking
Cosmetics, General Foods and Health Functional Foods
70, Dusan-ro, Geumcheon-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea
Capital money
Tel / Fax
+82 2 1588 3546 / +82 2 2098 1789
Chairman Chairman 이병흥

U.S.FDA Director of International Science Institute Korea (currently)
General Representative for Economic, Trade and Trade in Kyrgyzstan
President of the Multicultural Global Village Centa (currently)

director 진기선

Graduated from Chung-Ang University School of Pharmacy
Researchers at the International Institute of Science under the U.S.FDA


graduation from Sungkyunkwan University
CEO of current affairs economy (Before)
Professor of Digital University in Korea (currently)


Wooseok University Graduate School of Oriental Medicine
Professor of Oriental Medicine at Wooseok University (before) Yang Saeng-chae is the head of an oriental medical clinic. (currently)


Graduated from Busan University's Visual Communication Department
Master of Service Engineering at Dongseo University
Team Leader of Visual Communication Team at Hyundai Heavy Industries' Design Research Institute
City of Dreams Manila International Marketing
Imperial Pacific Holdings in Saipan International Marketing
LCM SCIENCE Creative Director(currently)